Planet to Plate to Launch Pilot Food-Tech Incubator, Hundred Acre, in Milwaukee’s 30th Street Industrial Corridor

Hundred Acre Farm is creating an entire ecosystem that brings together food businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and the surrounding Milwaukee community.

Hundred Acre
4 min readJun 7, 2021

Milwaukee, May 19, 2021 — Beginning this Summer, Hundred Acre will grow fresh greens in Milwaukee while improving supply-chain resilience and offering an educational pathway to local employment. The initial product offering includes seven varieties of greens including holy basil, spring mix and baby kale.

The specialized farm will utilize a 5,000-square-foot controlled environmental system with vertical hydroponics, creating secure and traceable non-GMO produce grown without pesticides or herbicides, available year-round and harvested weekly.

Hundred Acre’s goal is to improve access to fresh, healthy food while also revitalizing a light manufacturing employment hub. The 30th Street Industrial Corridor could become one of the next major innovation hubs for food tech in America, providing a blueprint for other inner-city areas struggling with food insecurity.

“A year ago, the world found itself disconnected and communities isolated. Our routines and our relationships were interrupted, as were businesses and access to vital resources. The pandemic highlighted what was fragile in our food systems, and what wasn’t working,” says Planet to Plate Founder Chris Corkery. “The pandemic also highlighted what was working, and what was demanded: hyperlocal food. Now we are reemerging cautiously from our shells, strengthened by a reassessment of our values and priorities. Hundred Acre is uniquely situated to rebuild more resilient local communities through the power of fresh food. In doing this, it’s all about the little wins together as we look ahead.”

2020 was a year that brought to light the serious shortcomings of the food supply chain in the United States and around the world. Everything from ingredients to packaging saw fulfillment challenges, leaving businesses and consumers scratching their heads. Now, perhaps more than ever is the time for localized solutions to emerge for reliable, fresh food. As Dr. Michael Carriere, Associate Professor of the Milwaukee School of Engineering deftly puts it:

“As global populations continue to grow, we must figure out new ways to feed such people. At the same time, the damages wrought by climate change have severely impacted traditional agricultural models. We must develop sustainable agricultural systems that take into account these developments. Institutions of higher learning have a vital role to play here, as they are able to pull together a myriad of partners to create innovative agricultural solutions.” Hundred Acre aims to play just this role by bringing together like-minded partners who share the common goal of agricultural innovation and local resilience.

How can leveraging the power of fresh food, new agricultural technologies, and light manufacturing revitalize an underserved area and usher in a renaissance that creates new jobs? This is the question that Hundred Acre will explore every day through strategic partnerships with key Milwaukee stakeholders, including local policy-makers, educators and businesses. Residing between two marginalized neighborhoods, the Century City building is a prime location to bring these partnerships to life.

“The Century City Business Park and its tenants are pleased to welcome Hundred Acre to the Century City 1 building”, said building landlord Kyle Stephens of Good City Brewing. “Their focus on supporting the local food supply chain and its impact on underserved communities, especially those lacking access to healthy foods, is a complement to the original intention of this real estate development. We’re excited to see the project activated — it is the next step in building a food, beverage, and tech hub in the 30th Street Industrial Corridor.”

Partnering with Building2Learn, MSOE, Milwaukee Public Schools and the 30th Street Corridor, Hundred Acre will serve as the education site for Milwaukee-area students to get excited about and involved with the agricultural systems of tomorrow. High school students and young adults interested in STEM will have the opportunity to learn about hydroponic farming, sustainable food systems, supply chains and distribution channels. This will serve as a foundation that can lead student participants into local light industrial employment or careers in the food tech industry.

Hundred Acre will host an exclusive walk-through of the farm site at Century City this June. To learn more and to stay up to date on the project’s progress, visit

About Hundred Acre

Hundred Acre is a unique urban farm providing a rapid response solution to food insecurity in the heart of Milwaukee. Workforce development and student apprenticeship programs are integrated to grow consistent, premium greens sold directly to local food businesses year-round. A consortium of growers, technologists, and community partners ensures that the farm remains a sustainable local business. Now, buyers can increase reliable local sourcing and provide community support.

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About Planet to Plate

Planet to Plate is a community developer specializing in green infrastructure that cultivates reliable fresh food and vital jobs in urban markets. Their goal is to reinforce local supply chains and access to nutrient-rich food by bringing together social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and the surrounding neighborhood. Planet to Plate offers a platform that encourages discovery, conversation, and learning around fresh, accessible food, which they believe is the first step in creating healthier communities.

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Hundred Acre

Hundred Acre is a unique urban farm providing a rapid response solution to food insecurity in the heart of Milwaukee.